Clickable Prototype Usability Test

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Portfolio > User Research Studies > Clickable Prototype Usability Test


After having a head start on designing the new configuration (see for more context), it was imperative to test now that the design had taken shape. Our goal was to test the fundamental core of the design before any code was touched.

User Persona: Clarity configuration users (lab admins, lab managers, IT managers)

Context: Users need to navigate the ‘lab work’ section (this part of the design had by far the most unknowns) – which followed a new selection model and interaction pattern. They also needed to understand the forms within that section and the tertiary navigation.

Approach: the basic layout we had created formed the basis for the test. We designed it so that users would go through an increasingly difficult sequence. We identified 5 core things that were tested as efficiently as possible. After the 5 things were identified, I mapped each screen to hand off to a visual designer – I also printed balsamiq wireframes to ‘test the test’ and do QA to make sure all details were correct.

The screens that I handed to the visual designer and used to ‘test the test’.

A screen that represents a task in the ‘advanced’ level.


Setup: I performed the tests over Webex with 6 users over a period of a day (using Invision prototypes – about visual 75% fidelity)

Recruitment: Through Clarity’s Influitive community (and the ‘configuration testers’ signup list we created early on in the process)

Results + Response: We found several tweaks for users around the interaction, visual hierarchy and some language changes. Overall the new design was regarded as much easier than the current software. The level of positivity was quite rare for the audience, so we were very happy with the results. The design process had a lot of context from the Product Manager, Jill Hesse, who had extensive domain knowledge as well as experience training customers and implementing their unique use cases.


Portfolio > User Research Studies > Clickable Prototype Usability Test