90 Minute UX Feedback Session

$200.00 CAD

Sometimes you need another set of expert eyes and perspective on your work. Hence, the 90 minute UX feedback session was born.

This typically runs as an in-person session where I provide design feedback to you/your team. Then after the session, I provide a report of the session’s findings.

Who this is for:

  • Dev teams who don’t have designer but need some help
  • Small design teams (1-2 people) who need dedicated input from another designer
  • Larger design teams who are:
    • facing a particularly difficult design problem,
    • are spinning their wheels and feel stuck,
    • or need input from an outsider
  • Small businesses who don’t have much exposure to design but know they need some help

What to expect:

  1. Once you’ve completed payment, you will receive a magic link for you to instantly book our feedback session.
  2. A few days before our meeting, I will send you a reminder of our meeting including some handy prompts for you to get into the feedback zone.
  3. After our session, I’ll provide you with a report that summarizes what we’re found in our session.
  4. After the report, I’ll send through a feedback form, so you can let me know how it went.