I’m continually motivated by the opportunity to make people’s lives easier by designing satisfying interactions that help bridge the human/computer divide.
I approach design with a hefty amount of curiosity and critical thinking which in my view, sets a design up for success. Before I even think about high fidelity design, I’ve put in a lot of thoughtful work up front. 
I think my background in biology/understanding living systems (from the ecosystem-level to the cellular-level), informs my way of thinking about UX. Like biology, UX requires you to find out details about lots of disparate pieces and to eventually connect them to create a larger picture.
I also believe that a good UX designer practices what they preach and are a delight to work with. I strive to balance collaboration, leadership and vision together to create great experiences for real people.

I have posted a portfolio on this site, which is password protected, I’d love to share my work with you, please reach out on the contact page. 

If you’re interested, click here to download my CV.


My Life Story

(the bullet points)


I studied Biology in Victoria, BC, graduating my bachelor of science in 2012. Some career-relevant highlights include:

  • Learning to tell a story in my science film making course
  • Writing a thesis on sustainable agriculture as my final undergraduate project
  • Developing problem-solving and self-learning skills in classes like biochemistry

Moving to London, UK

After my studies were finished, I moved to London, UK to pursue and explore career possibilities. Some highlights from the first year include:

  • Exploring art and history in the city, while working as a communicator for the first time
  • Successfully launching my career, in a bad economy
  • Using and developing creative skills (in a professional setting) like shooting/editing videos and learning design
  • Gaining major news coverage on BBC News (with an audience of about 1 million viewers) for my organization

Digital Content Project

I pitched a new digital strategy for Rothamsted Research. They made me Digital Content Manager for a year to achieve this feat. Some highlights from the first year include:

  • Launching the new site, writing and designing 13 pieces of science content for the public
  • Designing new visual themes for differing content-types (adding much-needed consistency across the site)
  • Leading collaborative design with senior scientists and managers
  • Meeting David Attenborough at the Natural History Museum in London (at the ‘state of nature’ launch)

Arriving to Montréal,QC

I moved to Montréal, QC in Juin 2014. I hit the ground running and launched into the startup/tech scene upon arrival. Some highlights include:

  • Learning French in a francophone work environment
  • Working in an Agile development pipeline
  • Meeting a lot of inspiring UXers and entrepreneurs
  • Developing relationships with other UX designers and sharing our work on a regular basis
  • Exposure to entrepreneurial spirits

Getting my UX ‘PhD’ in Victoria, BC

I moved to Victoria, BC in May 2015. Learning the full scope of UX, in an genetics-based enterprise software product. 

  • Nurturing logic/reasoning skills
  • Redesigning legacy features that people use and depend on
  • Creating a huge body of work with consistent design language/patterns
  • Expanding technical knowledge (science and software) to a new level