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If you’re looking this work, you may also be exploring how UX design works and how it might work for you and your team. To address this, I’ve laid out some foundational content, that will help you understand exactly what user experience is, and how I (as a UX design generalist) uniquely approach it. 

UX Design

User experience design or simply ‘UX design’ is the bridge between the computer and the human. As interacting with the digital world has become more and more rich, it has also become more complicated. This is where UX fits in, to manage this complexity while taking a uniquely human-centred approach. 

UX is a distinct and interesting field, because it uses evidence to inform and lead design decisions. Design can be how things look visually, but also how you interact with them and how the information is structured and modelled. There has been some confusion in the past about what UX is, as many people have tacked on a ‘UX’ onto their original job titles and not necessarily developed the rich skillset that is required to be an excellent UX designer. (There is an excellent history of this confusion and the design process written by Ian Armstrong.)

It will become more clear about how to get to pragmatic applications of UX, when you view it within UX design process. 

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