Screen capture of UX feedback

$100.00 CAD

Whether you’re just getting your feet wet with UX, or you’re a vet, everyone needs a fresh set of eyes on their product, website, or idea. For those with a limited budget, this service is for you.

In this short session I will spend some of the time thinking and exploring and the rest capturing my feedback in a digestible screen capture format. In the hour total time that I will take, you can provide some content to inform the feedback like:

  •  Intro paragraph content +
  • The type feedback you’re looking for
    • General, visual, interaction, general flow, general user value etc
  • The relevant links I’ll need to get started
  • Instructions on what flow to go through specifically

What feedback consists of:

  • Highlighting what things are working well
  • Visual hierarchy (are things ranked the right way?)
  • Questions to explore with users
  • Questioning assumptions I can see
  • Ideas on new things to try

Some details about this service

  • The screen capture will usually be under 25 minutes long
  • This service is not an interactive conversation
  • This is a time-boxed session, so keep in mind your top feedback priorities, prior to booking