Agriculture Infographic

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Portfolio > Small Projects > Agriculture Infographic

The skills needed to create a digestible story about agriculture tie in closely with producing good ux design, in many ways like:

  • Determining what should be shown visually vs. what should be explained with worlds
  • Empathy for the level of knowledge of the audience
  • Writing concepts clearly (and testing and gathering feedback)
  • Creating a narrative


Rothamsted is a leader in agriculture research and is responsible for a legacy of innovations (dating back to 1843). Their past and present successes where not well-understood by the public, who ultimately fund and support the institute.

Approach + Solution

One of the strategies we took forward was translating complex science into understandable formats, like infographics (or graphical stories). An environmentally and economically sustainable Push-Pull agriculture was developed over period of 20 years, which was an ideal candidate for an infographic.  I consulted with senior scientists and used academic publications to create the Push-Pull infographic.





Portfolio > Small Projects > Agriculture Infographic