User Input: UI Feedback-System

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This was first foray into developing a more descriptive user feedback system throughout the application. This test was used to get an initial idea of if the text, iconography and other visual cues would be clear for the users to interpret as a complex scenario was unfolding.

User Persona: All users on Clarity LIMS (see for more context)

Context: Users uploading multiple files file list

Approach: I wanted to understand how users interpret this image, so I posed a simple question with a text input.

Setup: A question test on Usability hub

Recruitment: Through Clarity’s Influitive community


TEST QUESTION: Pretend you are in the process of uploading some files and this is the screen you have in front of you. What is happening on the screen?

“I have the ability to upload several files. The interface similar to dropbox, Google Drive etc is familiar and easy to understand. I would recommend changing the word browse to something more more like from your computer or device.”


Three files have been added. 1 successfully uploaded File A, File B is currently uploading and File C is waiting to be uploaded. The danger here is that the continue button is active and people might move forward thinking it will upload behind the scenes.


“You dragged 3 files into the upload box, FileA has uploaded, FileB in the process of uploading and FileC I would assume is next to upload but I wish it said “pending” or “in queue”.”


“Multiple files have been selected as uploads. They are currently being processed before the next action.”


Results + Response 

Of 20 respondents, all responses showed comprehension. I created a scoring system and put responses into a range. Based on the results I changed the button state and added a more descriptive ‘waiting state’ for the last file in the list.



Portfolio > User Research Studies > User Input: UI Feedback-System